Trip cover

Chubb Trip Cover - This Policy does not cover and we will not (under any sections) pay for claims of any kind directly or indirectly arising from, relating to or in any way connected with the Coronavirus Disease 19 (COVID-19) (or any mutation or variation thereof) and/or its outbreak. For the latest information from Chubb regarding Trip Cover policies follow the link here.

Trip Cover can be purchased to insure you against certain unexpected losses that may arise during your journey.  You will be offered the opportunity to purchase Trip Cover during your booking.  If you have already made your booking and wish to add Trip Cover, please contact Chubb Insurance New Zealand Limited directly at

Interislander a division of KiwiRail Limited (company number 487638) (Interislander), promotes this product and Chubb Insurance New Zealand Limited Company number 104656, FSP No. 35924 (ACE) insures this product. Interislander and CHUBB provide general/class advice only and do not consider your objectives, financial situation or needs. To decide if this product is right for you, please read the Qualifying Financial Entity Disclosure Statement (QFEDS) and Trip Cover Policy Wording. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

You must be 18 years old or over to purchase Trip Cover. Cover can be purchased on behalf of people under 18 years old.

What am I covered for?

Key Benefits

Maximum Limit* (Per Insured Person)

Loss of Deposits and Cancellation Charges  

Cover if your journey or one way trip is cancelled, curtailed, or unable to be completed due to specific unforeseen circumstances outside of your control.


Luggage and Travel Documents

Cover for the loss of, theft of or damage to your luggage, electronic equipment and travel documents.


Luggage and Personal Effects Delay

Cover to reimburse reasonable expenses incurred in purchasing essential replacement clothing or toiletries if Interislander loses or temporarily mislays your personal effects for more than 8 hours.


Travel Delay

Cover to reimburse the reasonable cost of accommodation, meals and toiletries if your Interislander transport is delayed by more than 6 hours.


Rental Vehicle Excess

Cover if you become liable to pay a rental vehicle excess whilst your vehicle is onboard the Interislander ferry on your journey or one way trip.


Personal Liability

Cover if you become legally liable to pay damages caused by an accident.


Accidental Loss of Life  

Cover for your accidental loss of life as a result of accidental injury.

$25,000 (per adult)

$10,000 (per dependent child)

Search and Rescue Expenses

Cover for necessary and reasonable costs of search and rescue operations when reported as missing.

$10,000 (per event) 

*Sub limits also apply.  Refer to Trip Cover Policy Wording

How to make a claim

  • Advise all claims to CHUBB within 30 days of a claim event or as soon as reasonably practicable. (See below for contact details.)
  • You must submit all supporting documentation as shown on your claim form.
  • Immediately report all loss, theft or damage under any luggage loss or damage to the police, Interislander or other travel carrier and obtain a written acknowledgement.
  • For liability claims do not make any admission or offer. Request the claim against you be put in writing.

Use the following link to access the CHUBB Claim Centre:

You can contact CHUBB to discuss Trip Cover by calling 0800 422 346   (Monday to Friday 10:30am - 7:00pm). Alternatively, you can email CHUBB at

Who is Chubb?

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